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Answers to common questions about learning to fly a helicopter on Maui.

Flight Training Questions

How do I enroll as a flight student with Go Fly Maui?

Just call! If you have never flown a helicopter and aren’t sure you will like it, we offer an introductory flight where you will get to experience being the pilot.

Once you’ve decided you are ready to begin flight training there are a few forms to complete and we will need a copy of your driver’s license, passport or birth certificate and any pilot certificates if applicable. You will also need a flight medical certificate.

The enrolment process is simple process and takes about 15 minutes.

How long does training take from start to finish?

The amount of time it takes to complete our flight training program depends on the commitment of the student, the frequency in which you are able and willing to fly, and the time you commit to studying the bookwork.

Typically, a full-time student trains four or five days a week. Using this lesson schedule, a full-time student will obtain their Private Pilot Certificate in two to four months.

How often will I attend training?

Our program is flexible and we always aim to work with each of our students to develop a program that meets their desired schedule.

All of our training is conducted one on one which further allows students the flexibility to schedule their flights and ground sessions at their own pace. Our training program allows for both full and part time training.

I have a job. Can we schedule my training around my work schedule?

Yes! Go Fly Maui has a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) available six days a week. We are happy to work with you to create a flight schedule that works with your schedule.

You can fly on the weekends, before or after work, and in the evenings to meet your needs.

How long are the training sessions?

Students are scheduled, on average, in three-hour blocks. This allows for approximately one hour of ground instruction, one and a half hours of preflight and in air flight time, and a half hour for the post-flight debrief.

What kind of materials will I need for training?

There are a few textbooks, charts, a plotter, a Pilot Operating Handbook, and a logbook that you will need.

Your flight instructor will provide a list of required materials when you begin your training. You can purchase all materials through Go Fly Maui.

Will I need to purchase my own headset?

Go Fly Maui has headsets students may rent however, ultimately, most students do prefer to purchase their own.

Do you offer job placement?

Go Fly Maui cannot guarantee job placement. We are happy to give a referral or recommendation to another company looking for pilots. We do hire our own graduates when a position is available.

What are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) minimum requirements?

FAA minimum requirements are the minimum requirements a student needs in order to obtain a specific certificate or rating. For example, the FAA minimum requirement for a Private Pilot Certificate is 40 hours of flight training.

It is important to note, however that minimums are just that, minimums. The average student takes approximately 60 hours to complete the Private Pilot Course.

Please keep in mind, most students do require flight instruction above and beyond the FAA minimum flight time requirements.

Is there a weight limit?

Due to aircraft operational limitations, students weighing more than 200 lb may be denied training in the Robinson R-22 Aircraft. Students weighing more than 275 lb may be denied training in the Robinson R-44.

Do you require full payment up front for flight training?

No. Go Fly Maui has a pay-as-you go policy. Payment is due at the time of the flight or ground session.

Students are able to pay with cash, check or credit/debit card. He/she may also choose to place funds on account and use as they go through training and refill as needed. If students wish to pay via credit card a convenience fee of 3.0% will be applied to every transaction.

What if I am unable to complete my training and still have money on account?

Go Fly Maui will refund any money left on your account, in the event that you are unable to complete your course of instruction.

Does Go Fly Maui offer financing?

At this time, we do not directly offer financing. However, we can direct you to several companies that offer financial assistance to flight students.

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