Bose interface

Removable doors

Air conditioning

Leather seats

Onboard floats


HeliSaS autopilot system

G500H MFD and PFD

Synthetic vision

About the R44 Clipper II

The Clipper II is perfectly suited for flying in the Hawaiian islands. It’s powered by a Lycoming IO-540 fuel injected engine giving us 245 BHP for better altitude performance. The R44 has some of the best cockpit visibility compared to other helicopters out there.

With a great safety record, agile performance and our qualified pilots, it’s a great vehicle to take you to new heights. The R44 is our Commercial and Instrument training helicopter in the fleet. It is also used for Aerial Photography flights and workshops and can seat up to 3 people plus the pilot.


Electric Trim

Removable doors

Garmin G430

Fully articulated rotor system

About the Schweizer 300

The Schweizer 300 CBi is a fantastic training / light utility helicopter. It’s a VFR helicopter with all the basics. It seats 2 people and carries 3 hrs of fuel.  The 300 is well suited for off airport landings utilizing its higher skid height and fully articulated rotor system. Although its not the fastest helicopter in the fleet, it’s nothing short of fun.

Flying with Nick is really awesome on several fronts. Nick is really friendly and an excellent pilot. He made us laugh the entire way, taught us some great things, and showed us his favorite spots. It was a beautiful flight and a bunch of fun.

Zach Perry

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